Owned and Operated by Mike Noonkester, Specializing in Quality Turkey Heads with Removable Inserts

Owned and Operated by Mike Noonkester, Specializing in Quality Turkey Heads with Removable Inserts

Innovative Turkey Head Inserts

Our freeze-dried turkey heads come with removable rigid foam inserts, including the skull, auto-post for correct eye set, and concave or convex eyes. In addition, every turkey head insert is removable for the hollow mount method.

Turkey Head Insert Removal

For all poses, to remove the turkey head from the insert, simply unscrew the drywall screw.

Turkey Head Attachment

To reattach the removed insert, use a #TNSTR plug wire leaving a 3/8” gap in the insert and resume mounting the head. After the bird is mounted up, adjust the skin on the back of the insert and pin it down. Then slide the head over the insert and edges of the skin.


If you need to change the turkey’s eye expression, just dampen it with alcohol, adjust, and let it air dry.

Standard Heads You Supply

Unpainted - $74.95
Painted - $119.95

Standard Heads We Supply

Unpainted - $94.95
Painted - $139.95

Standard Heads Additional Fees

Open Mouth with Tongue - $10
Custom Poses - $10

Competition-Quality Freeze-Dried Turkey Heads Done Personally by Mike Noonkester

Mike now offers custom head setups tailored to your needs.
Your Turkey Heads: $159.95
Noonkester Supplies The Turkey Heads: $179.95

Also Offering Competition Paint Jobs Done Personally by Mike Noonkester.

When you need competition-level skills, turn to a professional with decades of experience.


Mike Noonkester Paint Work – $149.95

Please note all unpainted freeze-dried turkey heads are sealed and ready for your custom paint job.

Special Offer 1: $16/Head Credit (mature heads in good condition)

Special Offer 2: Trade Out Your Heads For No Additional Charge!

Call today to order your freeze-dried turkey heads. (276) 525-1876

High-Quality Freeze-Dried Turkey Heads and Velvet Antlers and Deer Feet

For over three decades, Mike Noonkester has owned and operated Noonkester Freeze Dry as a nationwide taxidermy service. While Mike works with multiple species, his specialty is freeze-dried turkey heads. With a commitment to quality on your side, you can be sure that every product comes backed by an exceptional level of expertise.

In addition to turkey heads with removable inserts, we also offer a wide range of species for various purposes, including freeze-dried:

Velvet Antlers
Deer Feet