Trust Our Fast Turnaround with Noonkester Freeze Dry Shipping Department

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our ability to offer customers a six to eight-week turnaround time. When you need your Freeze Dry Service within a reliable timeframe, we have you covered.

Trade-Out Service

We’re happy to offer trade-outs on completed spares at no additional charge.

Credit For Spares

While we offer a $16 credit per spare head, it only applies to mature heads in good condition.

Heads Of Hen And Turkey

Information for Shipping Your Turkey Heads

For the best results, skin the turkey heads to the back of the skull and cut off unnecessary neck length. Place each head in an individual zip-seal bag and label the contents with a permanent marker. Then freeze the head solid and wrap it in a thick layer of paper towels. Pack everything in a leak-proof container and ship next day air by UPS only. For reliable delivery of your items, it’s best to ship no later than Wednesday.

Please do not use USPS as they do not guarantee next-day service.

Payment Methods

Noonkester Freeze Dry accepts multiple forms of payment, including:

*We will accept checks by phone to avoid C.O.D. fees; (however, if the C.O.D. amount exceeds $100, we require a cashier’s check or money order).